Madison Expeditionary Learning Academy

and Center for Engagement


Madison Expeditionary Learning Academy is a high school for students in grades 9-12.  The Academy will open with a freshman class, adding a class of students each year.  Courses and experiences are designed to engage students in the depth of experience, knowledge and interconnectedness each subject area has to offer.  Students will have the opportunity to leave the Academy more aware of the inherent connections between subject areas and confident in their ability  to investigate and solve problems ethically, creatively and systemically.


What makes this school unique

in the Madison area?


  • Small class sizes and student / teacher ratio
  • Small school size so students will be known to adults and peers
  • Longer class periods for more in-depth investigations
  • Interdisciplinary approach to curriculum, balancing skill development and application
  • Dedicated time for fieldwork each week, connecting the classroom to the community
  • Dedicated time each week for project work in a fabrication lab
  • Strong humanities curriculum integrated with unique STEM programming
  • Year-long interdisciplinary senior research project
  • End of semester enrichment intensives for academic credit
  • Senior research/internship placements in community businesses, programs and labs
  • Curriculum enrichment through partnerships with STEM and arts businesses and programs
  • Service projects connected to classroom learning and community needs
  • Assessment for learning as well as assessment of learning
  • Teacher interdisciplinary planning time



The balanced curriculum is focused on 8 core subject areas, with unique integration of art/design, engineering, mathematics, science and technology throughout.

Fieldwork, lab, and service experiences will also connect learning to authentic contexts.  This emphasis on depth of learning is informed by the 9 Characteristics Madison-area community members identified as priorities for a high school experience.