• enjoy working with adolescents,
  • have a Master’s Degree or Ph.D.,
  • have expertise in more than one subject area,
  • enjoy and understand the importance of interdisciplinary teaching and learning,
  • care about contributing to a positive school culture,
  • have and support high expectations for students,
  • are happiest when you are working as part of a team,
  • want to be engaged in service learning projects that connect content, students, and community needs,
  • see the community as a classroom and want to engage in community fieldwork with students,
  • are or are willing to become outstanding at differentiation,
  • view assessment as a combination of intentional, ongoing formative and summative tools for learning and of learning,
  • use or want to learn to use student, peer, and self assessments to evaluate and improve your work,
  • integrate or want to learn to integrate project and problem-based learning into your curriculum,
  • understand that rich learning experiences require a balance of inquiry and skill building,
  • seek the challenge and reward of shaping the destiny of a new, innovative school,
  • want professional development experiences that are intentional, ongoing, and well supported,
  • still enjoy working with adolescents,
  • see yourself in this long list of “if you’s”,



  •  need to email Michelle Sharpswain at and begin a conversation about possibilities,
  • are needed to volunteer and help open this remarkable school,
  • are likely to fill out an application to be a part of the Madison Expeditionary Learning Academy as soon as one becomes available.


**MELA is currently accepting letters of interest and resumes for summer and enrichment staff through our Center for Engagement.  Please send information/inquiries to Michelle Sharpswain at 


**Madison Expeditionary Learning Academy is likely to be seeking teaching staff for the 2013-2014 academic year.  Educators with substantive experience and/or knowledge who are not certified are encouraged to apply.