School Size:  At capacity, the school will serve 320 students.

Grades Served: 9-12

Average Class Size:  At capacity, the average class size will be 20 students.

College Acceptance: The goal is a college acceptance rate of 100%.

Expeditionary Learning:  This comprehensive model for teaching and learning provides the structures and supports to help both teachers and students be successful.  Heading into its 19th year as a Comprehensive School Reform model, EL offers a combination of research-based practices and plenty of room to innovate.

Curricular focus:  The curriculum focus is depth over breadth, and centers around 8 core subjects, examined through a variety of approaches to learning and assessment.  As citizen scholars, students will connect what they are learning through 1000+ hours of work with community experts, fieldwork and service learning.

Assessment:  A variety of assessments for and of learning will be used throughout the program.  Being an independent school allows flexibility to choose assessments tailored to the learning experience and prepare students for access to college.

Staff qualifications:  Teaching staff will have master’s degrees or Ph.D.’s, background in more than one subject area, and a high regard for adolescent students.

Parent Engagement:  100% of parents will be expected to volunteer their time/talents to the school.  100% of parents will meet face-to-face with school staff throughout the school year.

Projected growth:  The school aims to open with a freshman class of 36-40 the first year.  We project an additional 16-22 students will be added to each freshman class yearly, until we reach capacity at 80 freshman.

Governing Structure:  The Academy is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board.  The school does not receive local tax dollars.  Funding for the school is provided by a flexible tuition structure, business partnerships, and private donations.

Cost of Tuition:  MELA offers a flexible tuition structure to make the school accessible to as many families as possible.  We estimate tuition will be $15,000 per year.  The flexible tuition range will likely be $10,000-$15,000.  We are working to be able to offer a number of 4-year scholarships of 25-75% through our Rising Stars program.  More information on this program will be available in the coming months.